We care about the security of our customers' information

We care about the security of our customers' information

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Ciso as a Service

The constant increase in the number and complexity of cyber-attacks requires professional strategies to deal with them. But organizations face two major barriers to implementing cybersecurity processes and technologies: budget restrictions and limitations in professional skills and specific knowledge in the area of cybersecurity.

In order to overcome these two barriers, the managed cybersecurity service or CISO as a Service, aims to facilitate organizations to implement cybersecurity technologies, processes and services in an integrated manner and managed by specialized professionals, specifically seeking to find cybersecurity as a business enabler.

Our Services


We advise our clients, providing our extensive experience in cybersecurity.

Integrated Projects

Design, supply, install and operate technological solutions.

Technical Services

Services of analysis and management of the variables that show the security behavior of the IT infrastructure.


We provide customers with advice, training and auditing, contributing our extensive experience in telecommunications networks.

We are pioneers, we have a broad experience in the field and we have independence of criteria to provide our opinion on the most convenient alternatives and technical solutions.

We offer services in:

  • Design of physical and cloud infrastructures.
  • Implementation of secure practices.
  • Vulnarebilities audit: risk analysis, perimeter security and security-cyberdefense policy.


Expert opinion

Short and medium term vision

Experience in projects with proven results

Technical team with certifications in several brands


integrated projects

We design, supply, install and operate solutions integrating various technologies.

We work so that the infrastructures are safe and the assets of the organizations are protected.

The services of integrated solutions start with the interpretation of the needs of the clients, the intelligence and innovation put in the designs, the adequate choices of the equipments, the qualities of the installations, the correct system configurations and above all, a good project management.

Our solutions include the design of project solutions, the provision of technology, implementation and security management service, to guarantee the quality of our services.

  • Provision and implementation of secure infrastructure architectures.

The solutions are provided with the following business models:

  • Turnkey supply.
  • HaaS (Hardware as a Service) service model.


Reduction of price uncertainty

Clear deadlines

Risk reduction in technology integration

Scalable projects

Projection in stages


We provide the services of installation, maintenance and specialized technical support.

The integrity of the company's information is of vital importance to organizations, since any inefficiency becomes a waste of time and its consequent economic loss, or worse, a decrease in customer satisfaction and loss of business.

Our processes are certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 standards and we are in the process of obtaining ISO 27001 certification.

Our services include response time commitments:


  • Incident analysis and equipment configuration associated with IT and OT infrastructure security

Managed security:

CISO as a service

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Qualified personnel

Quick resolution of technical problems

Intelligent incident and problem management

Compliance with standards and committed deadlines


Client Stories

Blas Pascal University updated its technology to continue to guarantee information security.
Hand in hand with Vectus, the house of high studies, implemented a secure perimeter for its three main centers, with a secure-SDWAN solution, email security gateway, a web application firewall and an endpoint management infrastructure for remote users.
The most important contact center in Argentina and in the region, manages to be closer and closer to its customers.
To continue offering a guarantee service, the Core firewall was updated and a Zero Trust strategy was implemented, based on secure SDWAN / NGFW / Cloud / MFA, for its on-site and remote users.
The government agency continues its technological deployment.
The Judicial Power, together with Vectus, updated its security architecture and the incorporation of new locations to its MAN network. The project includes support on incidents and analysis on improvements or necessary updates.
The most important supermarket group in the inland of Córdoba, implements technology to increase and improve its services.
We developed a secure-SDWAN solution to interconnect the 11 stores of the group with the incorporation of technology for the prevention of advanced threats and a redesign of the topology with a vision based on security.
The company updates its communications technology and implements a security-based vision.
Together with Vectus, the recognized group of agricultural companies, redefined their network to a model of secure architecture, updated its core equipment and implemented tools for remote user compliance.